Reduce undercarriage damage on front wheel drive vehicles due to bouncing on your wheel lift crossbars! Vehicles like the  VW Beetle & the Dodge Neons, Caravans, PT Cruisers, Several Hondas & numerous others can be towed with confidence using the Original And proven "OIL PAN  SAVER"!                                    
Warning: Safety chains & wheel restraints must be used when using this device! Additionally, Use of this device does not supersede the Manufacturer's instructions for the towing of their vehicles.
Installation is  easy! simply load vehicle in usual manner then remove the two winged securing bolts from the "OIL PAN SAVER" , then slide it over the crossbar from the rear & reinstall the two winged bolts and adjust vehicle to desired height and your finished! Reverse procedure to remove.  Image showing used pan saver is almost 2 years old and rubber has not been replaced! " C'mon, it's just a hose!" Yeah it's just a hose that impresses my customers every time I put it on and they ask me what it's for.When I explain that its for added protection for their car they thank me for caring and tell me they have never seen anyone else use it.  Yes it"s just a hose that will save your butt from putting a hole in that Jetta  oil pan  that you had to impound for the police and wont have to explain to an allready irate customer!                              30 day money back guarantee!                                                 1 year wararanty (except for rubber cushion)!
crossbar size
    Oil pan replacement costs:            05 Dodge Neon  2.0  -  $227.00       04 Dodge Stratus 2.4  -  $265.00       07 VW Jetta 2.5 -$236.00

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                         "OIL PAN SAVER" - $59.95 + shipping!   BUY NOW!


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